Major 360° story telling experience opens 12 December

Pull up a barstool for some raucously funny, chilling and thrilling 360° story telling this December as the London Dungeon Tavern – an all new interactive Victorian bar experience – throws opens its doors.   A major permanent expansion of the famous attraction, The London Dungeon Tavern will transport guests to a vibrant, decadent and decidedly dodgy Victorian pub, putting them right at the heart of the drama as characters weave a web of secrets, scandal and gob-smacking gossip all around them.

After taking a seat, guests will be served up a delicious traditional Dungeon brew of warming beer or lip-smacking non-alcoholic lemon-ale.  Then as the piano belts out the latest music hall tunes, the feisty landlady holds court telling anyone who will listen her tragic life story whilst nearby her henpecked husband has his own tall tale and a raft of bad jokes to share (out of ear-shot of his formidable missus). Round the corner there’s a card game in full swing whilst at the bar rumours abound about the latest Ripper murders and the bootleggers on the streets. With action unfolding in every corner of the authentically recreated tavern, guests will hear, feel, smell, see and truly LIVE the drama – and no two tables will get quite the same experience.

And as it’s Christmas time, guests can expect a sprinkling of Victorian festiveness with decorations and seasonal drinks available at the bar, which will be open throughout the performances*. Customers can also take a bit of the Tavern home with a capsule range of retail items including tankards, aprons and coasters.

The new London Dungeon Tavern provides an exhilarating finale to the London Dungeon experience which brings 1000 years of dark history to life in live action shows set in amazingly themed sets, all laced with special effects and edge of the seat surprises. All this is included in the main ticket price. Additional drinks can be purchased at the bar.

Tickets should be booked in advance to secure the time of your choice and avoid horrible disappointment.   Find out more and book at www.thedungeons.com/london


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