Delve into a world of Victorian mystery and intrigue at its most grisly as one of the world’s most infamous serial killers, Jack the Ripper, makes an eerie appearance at The Edinburgh Dungeon this summer.

Fleeing London to prevent capture, is it possible the shadowy figure arrived in Edinburgh to wreak havoc in Fleshmarket Close?

Set for a summer of scary fun, visitors can follow the shadowy trail left by Jack the Ripper and play detective during the gripping tour. Who was Jack? Where did he go? And, where will he strike next … join the search from 3 July 2015 as The Edinburgh Dungeon unravel the mystery of the Market Street murder – before he finds you!

Edward Evans, general manager at The Edinburgh Dungeon, commented: “The killer’s true identity remains unknown to this day and it is believed that he travelled across the country looking for fresh stomping ground.

“With Jack the Ripper on the prowl this summer, we’re inviting ripperologists and amateur sleuths to help uncover the truth, with the latest scoop from the Dungeon’s resident Newspaper Boy.”

‘Where’s Jack’ will run from 3 July to 31 August 2015 with shows running from 10am until close at 5pm and extended opening hours throughout August, catch him while you can! It’s all part of the non-stop action and hilarity delivered by 11 live-actor shows, including The Edinburgh Dungeon’s brand new show, The Green Lady. Now a permanent fixture on the renowned Dungeon tour, the latest tale revisits one of Edinburgh’s more mysterious ghost stories with a tale is rich in haunting drama and spine tingling intrigue.

With state of the art special effects, 360º theatrical sets, two heart stopping rides including an underground boat ride and fascinating storytelling by hero characters, the Dungeon delivers a truly unforgettable 80-minute interactive adventure through 1000 years of Scotland’s darker history. For more information and tickets visit www.thedungeons.com/edinburgh.


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